4 New Storyboard Templates compliments Krista Lund Photography!

2011 September 11

Featuring 4 new and awesome storyboard templates from Krista Lund Photography (www.kristalundphotography.com)

These templates are now available at Picture2Life so head on over to our new Collage Maker to create and customize them:

Don’t forget, we’re looking for other designers out there who can create similar collage/storyboard templates, so if you know of any please recommend them to us!

Introducing the all-new Collage Maker!

2011 September 8
by Reymar


Today we began rolling out the all-new Collage Maker throughout the site, starting on the homepage, and over the weekend it will be fully accessible from any part of the site. This has been in the works for quite some time and we’re happy to announce that it is finally here. We’ve made sure to compile a list of some of its features with video previews of each. Be sure to check them out below for more information:

  • Fast Template Browsing

    We’ve eliminated all the hassles of finding the right collage with a new and improved templates browser. Now you can find a template by keyword, designer, category as well as the number of pictures you want to use. If you are logged in, you will be able to mark a template as a "Favorite" for faster access from the Favorites menu.

  • Drag & Drop Pictures

    Our new collage maker takes full advantage of HTML5 capabilities which enable the ability to Drag and Drop pictures directly from your desktop into the selected template. Also, if you don’t like the position of a picture, you can drag a different picture into its place and position it just the way you want it so no more ‘chopped heads’!

  • Built-in Gallery & Connect

    Now it is even easier to access all of your pictures that are already on Picture2Life if you are logged in, or you can easily connect to your favorite photo sharing service such as Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, etc. to use the pictures you already have online!

  • Easy Publishing & Downloading

    After you’ve designed the perfect collage, we make it even easier to publish it all over the web. Just select which services to save the picture to and we will do all the hard work for you. After saving, you will have the option to download the picture onto your computer or view it on Picture2Life (or any of the other services you saved it to).



Give it a try for yourself!

New Fonts Are Coming!

2011 August 27
by Reymar

We’ve found another great resource for cool new fonts that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

Thanks to Kevin & Amanda, head on over to their blog to find posts about food, family, and favorite recipes, as well as home decor, crafts, travel, and fashion. They have lots of tutorials, free fonts you won’t find anywhere else, and fun giveaways to check out.


I get the cutest fonts from Free Scrapbook Fonts! kevinandamanda.com/fonts
Read More http://www.kevinandamanda.com/whatsnew/tutorials/blog-buttons.html#ixzz1WFQwy1hY

Maintenance Notice: Tuesday 19th July, 2011

2011 July 19
by Reymar

Tonight, we’re planning on doing some emergency maintenance on one of our servers starting from 9:00 PM Eastern Time. We’ve noticed that several photos have been corrupted so we’re going to see if we can figure out what caused the problem and possibly recover and replace all affected photos. We will keep you posted.

Back on track…

2011 July 17
by Reymar

Today we’ve started to put things in place as we start our ascend into the “cloud”. Our servers were down for practically the entire morning and we’re really sorry about that, it took much longer than expected, about 12 hours to be exact. The good news is however, all your photos will soon be in the cloud!

This would mean more security and reliability for your photos, also when we finally move everything over to the cloud, we’ll be in a much better position to handle much more traffic which would ultimately mean a better experience for you.

We’re really excited about some of the brand new stuff that we’re about to launch so on that note we’ll leave you with a little teaser of the ALL-NEW Collage Maker Smile



Facebook does it, yet again!

2011 June 22

We’ve tried to be patient about this situation and it seems like everything we do puts us back into the same position, i.e. Banned/Disabled. This is now the 3rd application that has been banned by Facebook which comes as a total surprise to us after the 4 years our application has been on their platform with over 50K users and now they suddenly have a problem with the app. We got no warning “what-so-ever” and now they are telling us we cannot get back our application; That is just not right nor is it by any means “fair”.

After appealing that decision, they’ve notified us that we’ll have to create a new application which follows their “guidelines” (to which they pointed out the section in their policy to pay attention to) and use that app instead. Ok, so we created a new application, next day, that too disappeared. We then completely upgraded our site (with much more limited Facebook functionality) and created a new application, this morning as I woke up to check on the app, it is no longer there. This is very frustrating to say the least, and our users are getting very annoyed “at us” for something we have no control of.

I’ve appealed the last decision, now we have to wait and see what is their response. I’m tired of all this back and forth, and I hope we can find a solution for this once and for all!


Personally, I don’t think that it is fair we are put at their mercy because we want to connect to their platform, we’re not begging to use their platform so if that is the case…as big as they maybe, I’m not going to continue to use their platform until we’re treated with a little more respect. Our app is no where near as “spammy” as other apps out there, the most our app does is allow users to save pictures to or import their pictures from Facebook, THATS IT. So if they have a problem with that, then we will not be taken advantage of because we’re a small web company!

Would this happen to Google or Microsoft?


Will keep you guys posts!

Performance Issues

2011 June 19

Recently we had to move our entire database since it has outgrown the space available on the current server. Then we had to upgrade to a newer version of the database to take advantage of some of the new scalability features. Although these two updates were not done at the same time, everything seemed to be working as normal, or at least for the time being. Today however, it became clear that everything wasn’t going as it should since all the jobs we usually run to keep the site running as fast and efficient as possible, were failing over and over and on top of that, the alert system which should have notified us, didn’t seem to kick in as it should.

This would have resulted in lots of errors being generated on the site, so if you had a bad experience using the site, we’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Today, we’ve taken steps to correct the problems so things should start to run smoothly when they are complete. We’re also about to upgrade the site with a total makeover and some other really exciting features, so it was necessary to get certain things in place before we can begin to update the site and show you what we’ve been working on all year.

Another problem that many of you have cried out against, was that our Facebook application has been pulled by Facebook, WITHOUT ANY WARNING. And we only found out about it late and quickly tried to contact them to see if we can have back our application without having to create a new one and loose all of our existing Fans/Users. Unfortunately, they replied and notified us that we will not be able to get our application back and would have to create a new one. As of today, the Facebook connect should be working once again with the new application, so now you will be able to save and share photos back to Facebook with no more problems.

I can probably bet that if we weren’t one of the “little guys”, Facebook would have treated us a lot differently but what can we do right?

To wrap up, we’re working on all the performance issues which should be completed in a few hours. Facebook connect is working again. We’re soon going to launch a new version of the site with a total design overhaul and lots of new features including HTML5 goodness!

Stay tuned.

Help us translate our site!

2011 June 7
by Reymar

We are currently looking for people to help us translate our site into your language, and what better place to start looking than here – our members!

Here are  the languages that we are really interested in so far are:

  1. Deutsch
  2. Español
  3. François
  4. Italiano
  5. Portuguese
  6. Chinese
  7. Japanese

If you speak a language that’s not on the list above and would like it made available, just let us know, all languages are welcome since we really want this to be a service that the entire world can use :-)

If you are interested in helping us, or know someone that can help us, click here to let us know. (be sure to leave your email address and state the language(s) you know)

Email Unsubscribe/Cancel Account

2011 March 1
by Reymar


We’ve always had tools in place under your account settings to select the types of email notifications you receive from us, but it usually meant having to login to your account first, and then choosing the subscription options. Recently, we had one particular request by a user who wanted to be able to unsubscribe, without having to login first. So after some careful thinking, we implemented a system where you can unsubscribe from our emails (and even cancel your account) without having to login.

To make sure the system is still secure and random people can’t cancel an account without your consent, after you submit your request to unsubscribe (or cancel your account), an email is sent to the account in which you created your account with. Inside the email is a special link which you can click on or copy-and-paste into the browser’s address bar to confirm and complete the entire process.

After you follow the link, the webpage will load and let you know if it has been successful or not.

That’s it for now, we hope you enjoy this tiny addition to the site, let us know if you have anything else you would like to see implemented!

To unsubscribe or cancel your account, go here: http://www.picture2life.com/Unsubscribe

Monochrome Your Photos/Pictures

2011 February 28
by Reymar

Monochrome Your Photos

Every week we’re going to feature a new effect or collage and show you all the things you can do to bring some life to your pictures, this week is all about the Monochrome effect, a video tutorial will be coming soon so stay tuned!!!

Try it for yourself here: http://www.picture2life.com/apps/mono